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Self Help Resources

Links to online resources and organisations we recommend: (support around school attendance issues) (parent helpline 0808 802 5544 weekdays 9.30-16.00) (free online support for young people in Suffolk) (Childrens MH charity providing training and research) (counselling service for parents children and young people) (Aims to stem mental health issues at an early age) (Early Intervention Foundation) (Emotional support service - 24/7) (Muslim Youth Helpline for those in emotional distress) Women's Health and Family Support) (London Lesbian and Gay Switchboard (National MH charity) (Charity helping those who have panic attacks, phobias & OCD) (OCD in children and young people - guides for parents and young people) (Find a psychologist near you) (British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Therapists) (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) (Awareness, information and resources for those who are depressed) (Website with video interviews of young peoples lived experience) (Support, advice and information to bereaved children and young people) (Advice and information for parents/carers of young people at risk of suicide) (Survivors of bereavement by suicide) (Self-help groups supporting through discussion of voice-hearing) (User-led charity provides support to young people, their families and carers) (Peer support for those who hear, see and sense things others don't) (User-led providing support, info and training to young people and families) (guides people towards new ways of coping when ready for the journey) (Safe space to talk, ask questions and be honest about their self-harming)

Practical tools and support ideas
Link to free resources free resources to download from ELSA-Support (emotional literacy support assistance) (free printable resources based on CBT principles)

Contact Supportline: 07856 038799

Meetings in Suffolk

parents and carers meetings

We are currently meeting up every Friday from 6pm via Zoom!  Come along.  It's a closed group for members only so please join the group. #PACTtalk webinars every Weds from 6pm livestreamed into the group.

Support for parents/carers

support for parents and carers

PACT offer free, confidential support, including information and advice to any adult worried about the emotional problems, behaviour or mental health of a child or young person. We offer a safe environment to support with no judgement.

Self Help Resources

self help resource books

We can offer a wide range of self help resources to support you and your child. These include access to books, links to online content, connections with other organisations and the chance to come to one of our meetings to chat and share ideas.