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We offer non-clinical peer-led support and resources for parents and carers.  Our vision is to reach all parents and carers across Suffolk as we can who are in the caring for a child or young person with mental health issues. We offer support (face to face meetups, online, and our outreach 1:1 service), training (including Youth Mental Health First Aid and parent guided CBT) and tools/resources to help both with a parent/carers wellbeing and via them, their child/young person too. 

We are continuously researching new ideas and projects to both input experience from our parents and to share good ideas and therapeutic tools with our parents/carers. We believe in sharing knowledge and tools with our parents/carers to empower each other and their families.


"Supporting you, supporting your child" is our motto.  We are all parents/carers of children and young people who have had or are currently having issues with their mental health and as such we are experienced in the feelings, topics and issues which may arise. We believe that by supporting each other we can help reduce the isolation and stigma, in a non-judgemental forum.  We believe that parents/carers are ideally placed to support their child's mental health and aim to provide the training, resources and tools to enable us all to do so.


We are extremely proud of the robust confidentiality agreement between our members. Everything discussed remains in confidence unless we have received explicit permission to use for feedback in a piece of specific work. Of course, if we feel that you may be at risk of harm or of causing harm to someone else, we will speak to you about this in a supportive way and may need to then speak to somebody else to prevent harm.


We have 2 co-directors, Bec Jasper and Clare Morgan Hare and also part of the team are Robyn, Liz and Robert who are all local parents with a wide experience of mental health issues in young people,  including: anxiety, depression, self-harm, school refusal/anxiety, OCD, psychosis, eating and sleeping issues as well as neurodevelopmental areas such as ASD and ADHD. We can be found via our email, on our Facebook public page, closed group, Twitter and Instagram. We also co-ordinate our weekly support group meet-ups online and face to face.

PACT | Parents And Carers Together | Suffolk

Parents And Carers Together

Contact Supportline: 07856 038799

Meetings in Suffolk

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We have recently re-started our face to face meetups but still have an online drop-in every Friday from 6-7pm - this is a secure space only for those members of our closed Facebook group.

Support for parents/carers

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PACT offer free, confidential support, including information and advice to any adult worried about the emotions, behaviour or mental health of a child or young person. We offer a safe environment to support with no judgement.

Self Help Resources

self help resources

We currently offer a wide range of resources to support you and your child. These include books, links to online training and content, connections with other organisations and the chance to come together with us to chat and share ideas.