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 PACT (Parents And Carers Together)

PACT (Parents and Carers Together) began in 2013 when two local parents realised they shared concern for children/young people experiencing mental health issues in Suffolk. After meeting up regularly and offering support over coffee, PACT was established to help locate, support and maintain the ongoing wellbeing of other parents and carers in similar positions.

PACT believes that through offering a safe space to listen and support (with no judgement), providing training resources and welcoming a variety of guest speakers with appropriate knowledge and experience we will enable and empower parents to continue to support the wellbeing of our children and young people as well as ourselves.

Although we have restarted our face to face meet-ups we continue to develop our support online

PACT is an associate member of "Positive Practice in MH"

child support
child support
child support

Contact Supportline: 07856 038799 (not 24/7)

Meetings in Suffolk

support for parents

Following COVID we have re-started our face to face meetups but continue to develop our online support - for those members of our closed support group

Support for parents/carers

support for carers

PACT offer free, confidential support, including information and advice for any parent/carer worried about the emotions, behaviour or mental health of a child or young person. We offer a safe environment of support with no judgement.

Self Help Resources

self help resources

We offer a range of self help resources to support you and your child. These include a book library, links to online content and training, connections with other organisations and the chance to join with us to support and share ideas.

PACT | Parents And Carers Together | Suffolk

Parents And Carers Together